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SCDC is specialized in importing and exporting for MTU completely engine and engine parts .According to credibility source which from Germany and army industrial factory , supplying all MTU completely engine and original parts also replaced parts.

Professional employees,enough experience ,perfectly guarantee ,trustly technical support from Germany , so that we can supply excellent products and service in time for you

MTU engine machine Division I can offer widely used, navy, marine, generator sets, diesel power plants, mining equipment, defense construction, the current machine range can provide are: MTU 396 series:MTU8V396, MTU12V396, MTU16V396.

MTU956 / 1163 Series: MTU12V956 / 1163, MTU16V956 / 1163, MTU20V956 / 1163 MTU 2000 series: MTU 8V2000, MTU 10V2000, MTU 12V2000, MTU 16V2000, MTU 4000 series: MTU 8V4000, MTU 12V4000, MTU 16V4000, MTU 20V4000 MTU 1600 series: MTU6R1609, MTU8V1600, MTU10V1600, MTU12V1600 MTU 1800 series: MTU6H1800

MTU models currently member may be provided as follows:

MTU099, MTU183, MTU199, MTU331 / 396, MTU493, MTU538, MTU595, MTU652, MTU956 / 1163, MTU1000, MTU1300, MTU1500, MTU1600, MTU1800, MTU2000, MTU4000, MTU8000

DETROIT = MTU / DDC two-stroke S60, 53 Series, 71 Series, 92 Series, 149 Series, These parts contain crankshaft, cylinder block, cylinder head, camshaft, pistons, piston rings, piston pins, cylinder liners, valves, valve seats, valve guides and overhaul a variety of gaskets and O-rings, etc. Suitable overhaul and the repair (W4, W5, W6).

Meet major repair shop and factory owners and MTU license needs, the most important is our fitting has a great price advantage in the premise of guaranteeing quality, and hope that all companies and individuals doing business.